Disabled 4-year-old boy’s Queens school bus late every day, keeps breaking down

HOWARD BEACH, Queens — A disabled 4-year-old Queen's boy has a rough ride to school every day.

Christopher Dominici's bus has broken down three times in the last month, mom Roseanne Gatto said. He's been an hour late to school everyday this month.

"The bus company is trying to pack as many kids as they can in this route and it's not working," Gatto said.

Gatto said she hasn't gotten any answers from the bus company or the city's education department.

"Every day it's like the first time they're hearing this story and I just feel like no one cares about my son right now," Gatto said.

PIX11 News called the Department of Education.  A spokesperson said, "We are dedicated to providing students with safe, reliable transportation. We have been working closely with the bus company and family, and have shortened the route to address these concerns."

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