18-year-old accused of stabbing two students at Bronx school said they were picking on him

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WEST FARMS, The Bronx — The 18-year-old accused of stabbing two other students told reporters the boys were picking on him.

Abel Cedeno was in the custody of NYPD detectives as they led him out of the Bronx’s 48th precinct stationhouse Wednesday night.

The high school student is accused of stabbing two boys, ages 15 and 16 — one of them fatally — following dispute during a history class Wednesday at the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation.

The deceased has been identified as Matthew McCree, 15, of Mapes Avenue, Bronx. The second student has not been identified.

“They pushed Abel too far. Abel was a kid who was made fun of in school. They pushed him too far,” said one of Cedeno’s crying classmates.

Students say the two boys allegedly started picking on Cedeno again, this time, one of the boys allegedly threw a pencil at Cedeno.

A verbal altercation then turned physical, and Cedeno apparently snapped.

Police say he took out a 3-inch switchblade he brought to school, and fatally stabbed one of the boys in the chest, and seriously injured the second boy.

Detectives say Cedeno then calmly walked out of the classroom, handed the knife to a school counselor, and went willingly to the school office, where he sat, and waited for police.

“He has made statements to us, explaining what happened, which I will not go into right now," said NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce. "We believe that this argument, thing, has been going on for two weeks, this school year. And it escalated today, after some back and forth in the classroom.”

There are no metal detectors at the school building, which also houses younger, elementary school age students.

The subsequent lockdown terrified concerned parents, including one who told PIX11 News, “They’re crying, they’re hysterical, they are screaming. They are ready to go riot in there.”

Cedeno has been charged with murder, two counts of attempted murder, manslaughter, two counts of attempted manslaughter, two counts of assault, two counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said metal detectors will be installed at the school on Thursday.