New interactive map shows best time to take Citi Bike — and when to take a cab

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NEW YORK — Ask any New Yorker about the fastest way to get from here to there and you will get a few answers.

Mass transit is an option for millions everyday — but how about the debate between bikes and cars?

One commuter says he crunched the numbers to provide some insight.

Todd W. Schneider has lived in New York for more than a decade. He is interested in the data that many public agencies and businesses post or are required to post by the city or state.

He created interactive maps to look at trips between neighborhoods active and times of the day.

"I ran a month-by-month analysis to see how the taxi vs. Citi Bike calculus has changed over time, and discovered that taxis are getting increasingly slower compared to Citi Bikes," writes Schneider.

"There are also legitimate reasons to choose a car over a bike—or vice versa—that don’t depend strictly on expected travel time," he says.