Howard deals with dumpster and subway dancing

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I want to update you on a couple of stories I’ve been following.

First, Marian and Frank Shaw of Martinsville, NJ. They gave contractor Francois Hernandez $3,500 to take down their old deck and put up a new one. They’d gotten his name from the Home Depot recommendation list.

Francois tore down their old deck. Then disappeared.

After I got involved, we contacted Home Depot. They graciously agreed to refund all of the Shaw’s money.

But the contractor, Francois Hernandez, had brought in a dumpster to hold the refuse from the old deck. Apparently, he never paid the dumpster company, JMG Carting. Because JMG won’t remove the huge dumpster from the Shaw’s driveway.

We went over to JMG and I left messages for the owner several times. He never returned my calls. But he recently sent the Shaw’s a polite letter telling them that since they were fully reimbursed by Home Depot they really hadn’t paid for the dumpster. And he couldn’t afford to lose the money. So he’d only remove the thing if they paid him $636.57.

Looks like we have a stalemate here.

And last month we told you the case of Fatimah Abdullah and her 16-year-old daughter Tatianya.

In July, Tatianya was busted for dancing on a subway train at the DeKalb Avenue station. She was brought to Manhattan for processing. The charge was serious: reckless endangerment.

Her mom couldn’t believe it and contacted me.

We asked the DA’s office whether this was really good law enforcement. They sent us to the NYPD, but the DA eventually got the message. When Tatianya went to court earlier this month, the DA declined to prosecute.

So Tatianya is off the hook. But we wonder whether there was a better way to handle this so that Tatianya wouldn’t have lost school time going to court and the proceeding wouldn’t have wasted her mother’s time, the court’s time and your tax dollars as well.

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