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‘DOGA’ brings together dogs and their owners for an unusual yoga class in Manhattan

Posted: 6:39 AM, Sep 25, 2017
Updated: 2017-09-25 06:39:25-04

CHELSEA, Manhattan — It gives new meaning to the yoga pose "downward dog."

Welcome to the doggy yoga class at D Pet Hotels Chelsea, otherwise known as the "Doga class."

With a little soothing yoga music and a few "oms" to calm down Fido and FiFi, or in this case, Meena and GIgi, Yuyu and Yuja, Dewey and Tyson.

We all began with meditation but it was the doggy massage and light stretching of their legs and manipulation of their paws that these bowsers from a golden retriever to a shih-tzu, two Malteses and a chihuahua really seemed to love.

"Why should a dog be in a yoga class?" Doga instructor Aneta Bondarenko rhetorically asked PIX11 News. "Because they are the ones who invented the downward dog ... and I found when I started practice with my dog, my dog got calmer," she added.

It was a total bonding experience for pet owners and their pooches except for my borrowed Chihuahua named Tyson who preferred to wander rather than be stroked.

But by the time this 45-minute Doga class at the D Pet Hotels Chelsea was over, we had mellow canines and contented owners.

"I felt a strong connection with our dog," Hannah Du, Doga participant told PIX11. "He felt really calm and much more trusting so it is definitely something I would do again," Du added.

Meena's co-owner, Seth Jessee added: "Meena's an older dog and she enjoys being rubbed. This was definitely good," he added.

So after going to the dogs we learned a valuable lesson, relax with your animal and it will be shavasana forever.