Activists ‘take a knee’ in Queens, support NFL protest

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JACKSON HEIGHTS, Queens — A group of people Jackson Heights are showing support for athletes taking a knee by taking a knee themselves.

"I was watching athletes taking a knee and I would see their teammates put a hand on their shoulder and thought that was a beautiful and lovely gesture, how could I do that metaphorically," said Dawn Siff, a Jackson Heights resident.

Siff wanted to show her support through a sign and made one: "This is Us Taking a Knee Black Lives Matter."

"I wanted to do something very local and public that showed a group of allies really supporting racial justice and supporting black lives," she told PIX11 Monday night.

Siff and a group of others from the Queens neighborhood, who are for racial justice, took the sign to Citifield last Friday and held it up during the national anthem at the METS game.

"While we were putting up the sign, Trump made his disgusting hateful comments and criticized them for taking a knee called them sobs."

The group says they were surprised by the response they got from fans, some of them asking them if they needed help to hold the sign.

"We prepared for battle and we went in and people high -fived us and patted us on the back."

This weekend they hung the black-and-white sign up on a fence at Travers Park in Jackson Heights.

The group says they created the sign before President Trump tweeted about NFL athletes taking a knee to protest racial injustice at the start of games.

"I think there are people in my own family who are like 'what are you doing? you're disrespecting the anthem,' but it's about free speech and racial justice," said Siff.

"We really need to change the conversation about race and the way people of color are treated in America."

Siff and her friends say they hope other people start making signs and putting them up in their neighborhoods. They also plan on bringing it to another sporting events.

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