Notify NYC program launches new phone app

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NEW YORK – It’s the latest thing to come out of City Hall- it’s the new Notify NYC app.

The app is the latest upgrade to the Notify NYC program and features real-time push notifications on any events or emergencies in your area.

Notifications include weather-related issues such as hurricanes or blizzards, power outages in certain areas, or health risks such as West Nile virus or Legionnaire’s disease. Less catastrophic events such as suspended parking rules are included, as well.

“The more information, the better,” said one resident.

Users can select their current location, include up to five locations they want to keep tabs on, or they can use the Notify NYC citywide, and be bombarded with notifications.

“A lot of people are late for work. If I know the trains aren’t coming, I’ll be able to have a plan B,” said another resident.

The old-fashioned Notify NYC website was launched in 2007 and has launched about 9,400 notifications.

For many, the most important thing about the Notify NYC app is that it can notify you immediately when there are any problems on the train.

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