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‘Dapper thief’ steals thousands of dollars in high-end merchandise

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MANHATTAN — He could be called the couture con artist.  He's a dapper looking, balding gent his mid-40s to mid-50s with an eye for the finer things, like Gucci eye glasses and $7,000 shearling jackets.

"He has very good taste and probably scopes out the store and knows exactly what he wants," Janet Cowan, a midtown shopper, told PIX11. "The cameras haven't been able to catch this person?"

Yes, police say the surveillance cameras caught this smooth character at all four locations he has hit in the last four months.

First, this savvy sartorial thief with a Slavic accent struck at the Lenscrafter at 46th St. and Sixth Avenue in May.

Police say he stole four Gucci frames worth more than one thousand dollars.

"They're really good," George Stokes, a former retail executive, told PIX11. "They let you try on the clothes and crazy things happen," he added.

Next, on August 9th police say he traveled to SOHO to pick out a rare handmade black Guatemalan jacket with intricate fabric details at Oroboro boutique on Mott Street. It's value, $2,000.

"Yes, I'll keep an eye out for a bald man with a white linen shirt," shopper Olivia Pall told PIX11.

Then an even pricier, $3,500 black leather jacket at Philip Plein on Madison Avenue where the salesperson says he just casually slipped it under his summer jacket, on August 11th and took off.

"He doesn't even look like an American, he looks Russian or he's from Paris," Moussa Soumare, another shopper, told PIX11. "The guy looks like a tourist."

Police say the last time our dapper thief struck was on August 20th in the West Village, walking out of Brunello Cucinelli with a $7,100 camel shearling just like this one.

"He looks like average joe," Cowan said. "You can walk in with a three piece suit and be the biggest convict," she added.

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