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NJ man unable to reach fiancée in Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria

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NEW JERSEY — It’s been a grueling 48 hours for David Lopez, a New Jersey man who hasn’t been able to eat or sleep as he awaits for word, any word from his fiancée.

Lopez’s future bride is in Puerto Rico, an island now left devastated by Hurricane Maria.

“I barely slept last night, I couldn’t even get up for work today, it’s like someone ripped my insides out,” the 41-year-old told PIX11. “It’s messing with my head, you don’t know what’s going to happen next…like am I going to hear from her?”

Officials say it could take months for the power to return to the U.S. Territory. Millions are now left without lights, cell phones, their homes left damaged or destroyed, their lives completely changed.

Lopez’s fiancée, Isa, is there for a family reunion and expected to return by Friday but he says that’s obviously changed. He says they never imagined the storm could do so much damage, both figuring the power would be back on shortly….like so many.

Lopez says he’s now hoping and praying he’ll hear from his loved one soon so he doesn’t lie awake for another night.

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