Muslim couple say they are victims of a hate crime — and that police have done nothing to help

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PROSPECT PARK — Abraham Hamed and his wife, Asmaa, say what was supposed to be an ordinary ride to the doctor for Asmaa’s leg pain last Friday turned into a nightmare as soon as an unidentified man walked into their train car, and began berating with insults.

Asmaa says it was at that moment when the encounter with their harasser in the black t-shirt went from verbal, to physical.

“Hijab. He started to take it off. But my husband tell him don’t touch my wife – and he start to kick my husband too. And he kicked us by my legs. That’s why my legs got swelling too much,” said Hamed.

The couple, which owns a popular deli in Park Slope, were not alone on that train, and it was not late at night.

All of this happened in broad daylight, last Friday, at around 3 p.m., on board a crowded Q train.

“He came like, he already wanted to fight with us. Like, he already came, like, oh that is two people, an Arab and Muslim,” said Hamed.

Abraham and Asmaa say as the suspect kicked and punched them, and after he tried to pull off Asmaa’s hijab, he then forced her head down toward his genital area.

Someone called 911, but the suspect hopped off the train at the Prospect Park Subway Station before officers arrived.

“Abuse, hate crime, and same time, sexual contact too. This is the worst thing ever that can happen to my life,” said Hamed.

And that, according to Abraham and Asmaa, is the last contact they’ve had with the NYPD regarding what sounds very much like a bias attack.

“Since this incident happened, we don’t receive no contact, no phone call, nothing at all. Nobody contacted us, nobody come to us. Nobody say nothing to us. Actually like, like nothing happened,” said Hamed.

We reached out to the NYPD for a status update on this case, including whether detectives have made an arrest, of if the hate crimes task force has been brought in to investigate. The NYPD failed to address any of these questions in time for this report.

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