Howard looks for contractor with unfinished Sandy work

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Victoria Roehling just wants her home back. Hurricane Sandy did a number on it. And she went through a tough time in the months afterwards.

Her husband of 30 years died and she lost her job. It’s been almost five years and her house still isn’t fixed.

She hired contractor Dennis Melandro to do the work. He’s been affiliated with several companies including Tristate Restoration and Disaster Pro. But Victoria says her experience has been a disaster.

At first there we delays attributed to the architect. But she says last year, Dennis stopped working on her house, leaving her with an uninhabitable shell.

She got in touch with us in February. We made some inquiries and Dennis Melandro did some more work. So we stood down.

But Victoria says he disappeared again. So this month we went looking for him at his office and home. Since then, Victoria says Dennis has done some more work. He told us over the phone there’s about a month of work more to go. But he’s dependent on the electrical work and plumbing being inspected by the city.

We’re going to keep an eye on this and hope he gets finished and Victoria can get back home before it gets too cold.