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Beautician takes plea deal in Manhattan butt-injection death

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Butt left beauty bust

Tamara Blaine died after she was allegedly given a silicone injection by New Jersey woman Tamira Mobley (Facebook)

MANHATTAN — A beautician took a plea deal Monday for killing a woman with an illegal butt-enhancement injection.

Tamira Mobley, now 32, pleaded guilty to second-degree  manslaughter, second-degree assault and unauthorized practice of a profession. She faces 1 1/3-to-4 years in prison.

Mobley met with Tamara Blaine at  Liberty Inn hotel in the Meatpacking District in 2013. She booked a room on the second floor and paid $80 for a short stay. Two hours later, she called 911.

Blaine was barely conscious when an ambulance arrived. She was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Her death was ruled a homicide after the Medical Examiner determined silicone from the butt-enhancement injection had traveled to Blaine’s veins — asphyxiating her.

Mobley will next appear in court on Nov. 28. Her sentencing will likely take place in January.

Black market butt injections cost hundreds of dollars instead of the $10,000 or more a plastic surgeon for FDA-approved body contouring. Silicone injection into buttocks is not FDA approved.