How Monica is making it happen this week

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Yalanda Bruce lives inside the Sitter Avenue Union Street houses. Bruce says she's been fighting Multiple Sclerosis for 10 years now. Her doctor says it's important she has a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude -- but it's hard when everytime she looks up, there's a massive hole in her living room ceiling.

"It's like a hole in my heart. I've complained since May, and nothing has been done," Bruce said.

She fears her ceiling is now falling apart in her bedroom, too.

New York City Housing Authority Spokesperson told PIX11 News, "This is unacceptable. Our residents all deserve safe, clean homes. Staff is urgently reaching out to the resident today to make repairs as quickly as possible."

Crews came to Bruce's home the next day and started repairs.

In Hamilton Heights, Denise Leverette's mother lives inside the Audubon Houses on Amsterdam Avenue and she says her 83-year-old mother's apartment is falling apart.

"From floor to ceiling, it's disgusting," Leverette said.

Illona Miller lives on the fifth floor and has mold in her apartment.

"I have so many tickets. They close them and do nothing," Miller said.

Jean Garcia, also a resident, made a documentary called 1909 to expose the chronic problems.

You can watch it here:

The New York City Housing Authority spokesperson told PIX11 News "all residents deserve a safe, healthy place to call home. We can and will do better. Plumbers are responding to the leak this afternoon and staff will make repairs as quickly as possible."

NYCHA started repairs after our story.

Meanwhile, Melanie-Kim Morris has 3-year-old twin daughters.

Laylanna Morris is healthy and full of personality. Her sister Laylanni is at the Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, suffering from symptoms of severe asthma.

"I feel horrible and I feel hopeless. I tried my best, and reached out to everybody and no one seems to care that a child almost died in a shelter," Morris said.

Morris says this is the third time her daughter was been hospitalized.

"I called 311. They say unfortunately that's what happens in shelters. Smoking cigarettes and marijuana, they don't do anything about it," Morris said..

PIX11 News reached out to the Department of Homeless Services.

A spokesperson said this: "While we cannot discuss the specifics of this case, verified medical transfer requests are expedited as top priorities. Together with the nonprofit service provider, we continue to work closely with this family, as we do with all our clients, offering appropriate permanent housing opportunities that will enable them to transition out of shelter.”

Morris said a social worker called her and promised to place her in a new home by the end of the week. PIX11 news will stay on this story.

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