Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off in Times Square

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There's was an explosion of Latin talent and culture right on Broadway Friday night, all part of Hispanic heritage month.

Whether it's Mandy Gonzalez whose father was born in Mexico singing a new song written by Lin-Manuel Miranda called fearless.

Or Rodney Ingram, raised in a tiny fishing village in Mexico, now singing the lead in Phantom on Broadway but tonight a favorite mariachi song.

Or this Cuban Nicaraguan star of Charlie and the chocolate factory, Emma Pfaeffle.

Or the Miami born Ana Villafane with Salvadoran and Cuban parents from On Your Feet, the story of Emilio's and Gloria Estefan.

John Leguizamo, who was born in Colombia and Miranda who was born in Washington Heights, were the hosts celebrating their roots as well.

"I'm an immigrant and both my parents were immigrants," actor John Leguizamo told PIX11. "America gave us a chance to reach these heights and I am doing my sixth show on Broadway," he added.

"Being Latino, as anyone will tell you, is the best of all worlds," Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of Hamilton, told PIX11. "We're all a combination of something. My son is Dominican, Austrian, Mexican and Puerto Rican and so it continues. And that's why events like this are so important," he added.

And the fans in the audience included some so-called feeties who have seen On Your Feet at least 40 times.

John Leguizamo's Latin History For Morons opens next month.