Woman steals beloved Brooklyn bodega cat

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KENSINGTON, Brooklyn — A bodega owner is pleading for the safe return of his cat.

Surveillance cameras inside Mir Kasham's store Moon Deli and Grocery on Church Ave. captures the alleged thief swiping the two-and-a-half month old kitten Takela on Sept. 3.

The play-by-play of the catnapping picked up on video shows it took less than 15 seconds to steal the kitten.

A bespectacled woman dressed all in black calmly bends down, quickly hides the kitten in extra clothes she was carrying, tucks the cat under her arm, gets up and walks away.

"Can I please have my cat back," a desperate request from 14-year-old Aaquil Kasham, Mir's son.

The adorable kitten was given to them by a customer. When she's not at home with the family, she's at the store and has become a draw for customers.

"All the customers loved her," said Aaquil.  "She would always run up to them and want them to pick her up and play with her."

Perhaps Takela was a little too lovable. On the night of Sept. 3, two men came in asking if they could buy the kitten. Mir politely declined. Then strangely, about an hour later that same night, two women walked in just before closing time.  One of them is the woman seen on the surveillance tape.

The family thought Takela was just hiding. But when they couldn't find her, they carefully looked through the  surveillance video recording. They are heartbroken at what they saw in full color.

"It's not like a human being you know she cannot stolen a cat it's unbelievable," said Mir.

The family has put up posters in the area asking anyone with information to speak up. For now they have videos,  photos and precious memories to remember takela and hope for her safe return. As for the thief, Mir had this to say.

"She's not a nice person. She cannot be a nice person. I believe one day, someone's going to catch her."

Neither Mir Kasham nor any of his employees have ever seen this woman before. They don't believe she's a regular customer.