Good Samaritan saves woman, child after they were attacked by homeless man in the Bronx

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THE BRONX — Meet the modest hero of Cauldwell Avenue, auto mechanic and neighbor Rafael Lebron.

Police say Lebron and another Good Samaritan clubbed a man with a lamp after that man used a broken bottle to stab 37-year-old Jenni Aquino in the stomach. He also cut her five-year-old daughter above the elbow, before dangling the little girl dangerously over the edge of the third floor fire escape, police said.

"It was a lady screaming out the window I just went up and tried to help police arrested him," Lebron told PIX11. "I am not a hero, just try the help somebody with a baby, that's all."

Another neighbor chimed in, "a couple of us got a few sheets get together in case the baby we were able to catch the baby,"

Police say the Good Samaritans were able to subdue Christian Valdez until police could arrest him.

Police say the mother knew her 28-year-old attacker from church but they weren't romantically involved.

He was homeless and had mental health issues, according to neighbors, and Jenni Aquino has a big heart and would sometimes let him stay in her apartment.

"She gave him a hand and look what he did to her," Diana Ruiz told PIX11. "She told him he had to leave," Ruiz added," but he wasn't on his medication."

And now Neighbors worry about what coming home from the hospital will be like for that mother and her traumatized little five-year-old daughter.

"I am just afraid that she may not want to come home," Melissa Petters, the super's wife, told PIX11. "That little girl may not want to go back to her apartment. It breaks my heart to think what she's going through, but she's going she's to be showered with love," the suoer's wife added.

Valdez is being charged with assault, harassment and endangering the welfare of a child.

Aquino and her daughter are still hospitalized, but expected to make a full recovery.