President Trump says UN sanctions on North Korea are ‘no big deal’

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President Trump said the new North Korea sanctions are “nothing compared to what will have to happen.”

President Donald Trump called the new United Nations sanctions on North Korea “just another very small step.”

Trump said the new sanctions are “no big deal” and pale in comparison to what “ultimately will have to happen”  to North Korea.

During a meeting with Malaysia’s prime minister, Trump said he and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson discussed the vote, but weren’t sure if the new sanctions would have any impact.

Still he said, it’s “nice” to get a 15-0 vote.

On Monday, the U.N. Security Council voted unanimously to impose new sanctions on North Korea in response to the country’s sixth and largest nuclear test.

The resolution is designed to accomplish six major goals: cap North Korea’s oil imports, ban textile exports, end additional overseas laborer contracts, suppress smuggling efforts, stop joint ventures with other nations and sanction designated North Korean government entities, according to a US official familiar with negotiations.

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