Howard comes prepared for subdividing squatter

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We’ve been telling you about this character Francisco Martinez. He moved into Tom and Nancy Feretti's home in Throgs Neck along with a colleague. And they proceeded to subdivide the place and start renting out rooms. All the while Tom and Nancy say Francisco didn’t pay rent.

In July, I got a little tour of the house. The place was disgusting.

Tom and Nancy hauled Francisco into court. But you know it can take forever to get rid of these characters. In court in the Bronx last month, Francisco pulled the old, “I don’t understand English” bit on me. So when he came to court for his trial on Monday, I was ready. I brought along our very capable Spanish-speaking producer/translator, Morena.

Morena: "They are accusing you of creating more bedrooms than the legal limit."

Francisco: "That’s a lie! That’s a lie!"

Francisco claims he’s an innocent victim. Yeah... take a look at the house you see in our stories.

It turned out the Ferettis agreed to a deal with Francisco. He has to get out by the end of the month and does not have to pay them back rent. That’s more than $10,000! Plus he won’t have to pay for all the damage he did.

Morena: "Can you promise me here on camera (that) Sept. 30 you’ll be leaving the apartment?"

Francisco: "The judge said so."

We’ll see.

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