Al Sharpton’s daughter arrested after dispute with cab driver

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NEW YORK – Reverend Al Sharpton’s daughter was arrested early Saturday after her birthday celebration, police said.

Ashley Sharpton, 30, was arrested on charges of petty larceny.

The incident happened before 1 a.m. when Sharpton and her friends got into the cab on West 48th Street and Ninth Avenue, but gave the driver different destinations.

The cabbie stopped his car until the correct destination was given, when Sharpton allegedly grabbed the keys from a cabbie. She then, shoved and punched the cabbie when he asked for the keys back.

Sharpton reportedly ran off, but was caught two hours later.

Sharpton was released on an appearance ticket.

Rev. Al Sharpton told the Daily News she said “it didn’t happen the way they said it happened” but that he couldn’t speak for her.