NJ police officers help deliver baby girl for panicking parents

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HAZLET, N.J. — Christine Schimicci, 38, of Hazlet said she experienced light labor pains on Wednesday, but before her husband could get their 23-month-old in the car, her water broke.

"Everyone told me the second one is quicker, but I didn’t know it would be that quick," she said.

Once in the backseat of the family's SUV, Christine said her daughter's head began crowning. That's when Philip Schimicci, 39, realized there wouldn't be enough time to make it to the hospital.

"You hear about this all the time and then it happens to you," said Christine.

Phil pulled over in front of the Hazlet Police Department and frantically ran inside for help.

"I was nervous," he said.

One of the officers who came out was Sgt. Kevin Geoghan​, a 15-year veteran of the force. But despite his experience, this was a first.

"That wasn’t what was running through my head when I got up out of the desk," said Sgt. Geoghan.

All the officers within Hazlet Police Department are trained on how to make a delivery.

"You’re basically just there to catch the baby. Comes out like a football," Geoghan recalled from his days at the Monmouth County Police Academy. "And they tell you 'just don’t drop the ball.'"

Olivia Christine Schimicci, named for her mother, was born at 4:19 p.m. in the backseat of the family SUV in front of the Hazlet Police Department. She weighs in at healthy 5 lb., 13 oz.

Geoghan estimates the family was parked in front of the police station for less than five minutes before baby Olivia made her grand entrance into this world. Due to his role in her birth, he did solicit a name suggestion.

"Oh yeah, Kevin. It would be perfect. But it wasn’t a boy, so," he chuckled.

Mom and baby are doing well today.

As for dad, he was able to relax once he saw his newborn daughter safe in her mother's arms.

"When I heard her cry. And she took a breath," he said. "We're very lucky."

The Schimicci’s want to thank the Hazlet Police Department, Hackensack Meridian Health Riverview Medical Center and a mystery woman. She was at the Hazlet Police Department when they arrived and she took off a pink sweatshirt she was wearing so the Schimicci’s could swaddle their newborn.