“Brooming” unisex products leave less clutter

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NEW YORK — Brooming (Beauty Meets Grooming) can spring clean your vanity and love life simultaneously.

Unisex grooming products incorporate a youthful glow into your Brooming routine so both your reflections will make you smile.

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Regenerating Cream

This rich moisturizing cream delivers hyaluronic acid and the highest concentration of accelerated retinol SA deep into skins surface quickly and effectively to smooth the look of fine lines and instantly plump with moisture rich replenishers. Your skin is left looking smoother and younger

Retails: $27.99 Neutrogena.com and drugstores nationwide. Simply massage a small amount into the skin.

Protect Delicate Under Eye Skin

Origins A Perfect World Age Defense Eye Cream with SPF 20

This is Origins first ever SPF eye cream. The lightweight oil free treatment instantly hydrates, brightens under eyes and helps prevent premature signs of aging while providing irritation-free 100-mineral SPF protection. Great for both men and women to protect their delicate eye skin from UVB and UVA pollution and one of the few brands that offers protection from infrared radiation. IR makes up 50 percent of the suns light and damages skin as bad or worse than UV rays. Origins' new formula protects from a whole slew of environmental aggressors.

Retails: $38 Origins and Origins.com

Hair Loss and hair thinning are common concerns among men and women

Eprouvage Reviving Scalp Serum is a potent and gentle daily scalp treatment that features an award-winning ingredient called Redensyl. One of the newest breakthroughs in this category, it works at a cellular level to keep hair in the growing phase longer resulting in fuller thicker hair with up to 17 percent less hair fall.

Retails: $30 Ulta.com

Detangle Your Knots and get great style with a Hairbrush For Both Him and Her

Angelo David Paddle Brushes 

Promotes healthier hair and stimulates the scalp through its ideal balance of naturally conditioning boar bristles and gently separating nylon bristles. During styling or brushing, the bristles penetrate to the roots, evenly distribute natural oils and gently smooth the cuticle, leaving hair with a healthy sheen. Precise bristle placement ensures tangle-free brushing and inhibits split ends. All these brushes have double-cushioned, flexible padding that adjusts to the contours of the scalp, and a balanced handle for excellent grip and control. Great for blow drying, brushing and shaping natural or Couture hair, these brushes come in three sizes, with the option of choosing either a combination of nylon and boar bristles, or 100% boar bristles, on the pocket-sized brush only. (Choose the combination-bristle brush for thick hair; for smoothing and detangling fine hair, choose the 100% boar bristle brush.)

Retails:  $35 http://angelodavid.com/store/brushes

Pocket-Size with 100% Boar Bristles

Pocket-Size with Nylon/Boar Bristle Combination

Splish Splash and Take a Bubble Bath

Eclair Naturals Fizzy Bath Cupcakes 

Transform your bath into a luxuriously pure spa experience leaving skin soft and silky whether for 1 or 2. Infused with pure sweet almond oil, vitamin E and botanical extracts will leave skin supple and smooth available in 5 scents

Retails: Under $5, Eclairnaturals.com

Smile Direct Club($99/month (70% less than competitors) and many dental insurance plans reimburse customers for a portion of the cost of invisible aligner) Referred to as the “Warby Parker” of aligners” Smile Direct Club removes the hassle of in-office dental visits while offering a more affordable way to straighter, whiter teeth with custom, invisible aligners- delivered straight to your door! Men and women can now gradually shift their teeth into the desired position in about 5 months, to enjoy a bright, straight smile.  Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Take Your Impressions- Either book a 3D scan in the local NY SmileShop –OR- get an at-home kit sent to you and a dental professional will review your photos, medical history and dental impressions to create your custom treatment plan
  • Step 2: Get Aligned- Receive convenient monthly deliveries of invisible aligners and premium whitening directly to you.
  • Step 3: Smiles Are Forever- After you complete your smile journey, you can order retainers to help maintain the smile you love for only $99 a set.

*Patient care specialists are available by phone, email or live chat to answer any questions you might have during your treatment.