Celebrate ‘facial hair artistry’ at Coney Island’s annual Beard and Mustache competition

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CONEY ISLAND, Brooklyn — What a hairy night here in Coney Island. It's a collection of characters where creativity and craziness is king.

Welcome to the 10th annual Beard and Mustache competition at Sideshows by the Seashore in Coney Island where the hirsute compete in all manner of trimmed, combed and waxed facial hair.

Outrageousness is the key.

"We're celebrating facial hair artistry," host Adam Realman said.

Handsome Dick Manitoba, his contact-host agreed. "In the last five years or so, a billion people started having beards, did you notice," he asked.

There are nine categories for the judging from the brass ring, best in show, to carney trash, worst in show.
But how to judge with all these winners throwing their whiskers into the ring.

"It just not not shaving," Ronnie Parisella, a judge, said. "It's outfit, it's commitment. It's everything," he added.

Coming up with a great costume counts for a lot, like this turn of the last century Brooklyn baseball player, which predates the dodgers, with a mitt from the 1920s.

"In the late 1800s, this is the way many men wore their mustaches," competitor Christian Fattorusso said.

And don't think the women were being left out. There was even a category for them to compete as well.

PIX 11 asked Lee Valone, complete with a pink mustache and beard if she was competing in the fake beard category.

"No, this is real," Valone replied. When PIX11 said we'd vote for her, she replied, "excellent, that is all I want."

If you feeling inspired by all this creativity there's always next year.