Hidden New York: A dress shop with an unconventional ‘open’ sign

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CHELSEA, Manhattan — For nearly a decade, you may have noticed a mysterious dress hanging from a fire escape along 17th Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues in Chelsea.

First, it was a red dress. Then it suddenly changed to what appeared to be a wedding gown.

"It is a building you wouldn't notice," Shareen Mitchell said. "There is no sign and there is no number on the building."

Mitchell hangs that dress from the fire escape every time she opens her hidden dress shop Shareen Bridal. She knows people always stop to ask what is going and what it signifies, so upstairs we take you.

Inside of an old Manhattan apartment, Mitchell opened a hidden vintage dress shop back in 2010 with an old-school Paris feel.

"It is New York, people who are original do original things," Mitchell said.

Mitchell said she hung that dress up because she simply could not afford a sign when she first decided to sell vintage clothing.

When her business took off and she expanded to Los Angeles, she decided to keep the dress for the allure and mystery.

Around 2013, Mitchell switched from selling vintage clothing to making vintage-inspired wedding dresses.

Her goal is to make them affordable.

"I made a commitment to be affordable,"  Mitchell said.

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