Harvey increases gas prices ahead of Labor Day weekend

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RIDGEFIELD, N.J. — "Out of gas" signs and long lines throughout parts of Texas are in response to Hurricane Harvey's impact on Gulf Coast refineries.

At least two major pipe lines including the Colonial Pipeline, which ships gasoline across the southern United States and up to New York and New Jersey, have been slowed or stopped because of flooding and damage, which why we're seeing higher prices in New York and New Jersey this Labor Day Weekend.

"Two of the pipe lines, including the Colonial pipeline have diminished capacity," Robert Sinclair, the media Directir of AAA Northeast told PIX11. "It will be another week or so before we know how bad it will be," Sinclair added.

The national average for gasoline jumped seven cents overnight $2.51 per gallon, the highest price for the year and 16 cents higher than a week ago.
New York City's average is also the highest for the year at $2.73, 13 cents higher than a week ago.

Long Island averaged $2.56, an overnight increase of eight cents, and in New Jersey, still the lowest, the average is $2.54 a gallon, 9 cents more than yesterday and 18 cents higher than last week.

"It's understandable," Alex Gambino, a driver from North Carolina told PIX11 while he was gassing up at the Vince Lombardi rest stop, "And it's still affordable because it's still under three dollars," Gambino added.

Another driver from Garrison, New York, Martin Friedman, told PIX11, " It would be be nice if the gas prices come down instead of going." But he added, "it's my understanding it's all because of what's going on in Texas."

Surprisingly, most drivers were not complaining too loudly about this new pain at the pump.

Many tempered their complaints with compassion about what the people hit by Harvey are going through.

"If I could fix the people of Texas, I would," Barrie Levin, a driver from Philadelphia, told PIX11. "If we can do anything to help out, we should."

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