Brooklyn resident sparks Harvey relief effort, drives supplies to Houston

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NEW YORK CITY — It is a Labor Day that has Anthony Rosario on the move.

"This is probably the most amazing Labor Day weekend I've ever had."

PIX 11 News found the 46-year-old in the vicinity of a place he knows quite well, "This is The Booth, one of my closest friends clothing store."

On most days, the store specializes in selling fashion that represents Sunset Park, Brooklyn. However, on this day Rosario and a few friends are turning it into a Harvey Relief Center in the heart of Brooklyn.

It all began with a social media post 48 hours ago. The post has now produced five locations in two boroughs collecting relief supplies.

"When Sandy happened I knew that everybody needed clothing, water and so on. So I gathered all of the clothing I can and tried to get some waters and stuff, but nobody was going at the time. So I spoke with one of my best friends and I said, "You know what? Let's just get a truck and go out there."

So he rented a U-Haul and plans to gets to southeast Texas by Sunday. However, there might be one problem, "I don't even know if we have enough room to take everything we have."

So as he prepares to drive some 1,400 miles from the comfort of home to assist complete strangers in a ravaged region, Rosario is not looking for any kind of accolades.

In fact, he really did not want to do an interview with us, but he did and near the end of our conversation he shared the simple, yet compelling reason to go to Houston, "I'm just looking to give back and be the person I am."

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