New Yorker National Guard, locals assist in Harvey rescue efforts

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In just one night, members of the New York National Guard's 106th Rescue Wing conducted more than 300 rescues in Texas.  They are moving around the clock, rotating crews and helping flood victims in any way they can.  Using Fort Hood as their staging area, more than 120 had boots on the ground, equipped and prepared for any and all types of rescue by boat and by air.

"As we get to places obviously the level of devastation and damage is just massive," explains Captain Michael O'Hagan.

The most dramatic call for this group came just a day ago as they responded to what they believed were two adults on the roof of their home. Instead they found a family of 9 escaping rushing flood waters.  The rescue included a one-month-old baby, held in the arms of Staff Sergeant Ryan Dush, a new father himself.

"Ryan himself said that was pretty emotional being a dad of a new baby girl and to see this infant so brand new in that situation is tough," said Captain O'Hagan.

Back in New York, fundraisers and donation efforts are underway.   In just about 4 days, in Staten Island Aiman Yousuf has collected supplies such as bedding, home goods.  Yousuf knows the horror of loss at the hands of Mother Nature all too well.  The plot of land he now takes in donations is where the home he owned was destroyed by Superstorm Sandy.

In Texas, Captain O'Hagan said help in any way will put smiles on victim’s faces, but for now what they need is something not so easily attained.

"I think the one thing that is not readily available that we simply need more of is time," said Captain O'Hagan.

If you'd like to donate to Yousuf's group, he is working directly with three organizations out of Texas to coordinate a delivery.  They're hoping to get a truck secured in the week to two weeks to deliver everything they've collected thus far.