New emergency devices in Bronx parks should help save lives

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THE BRONX — A Bronx mother spent the two years following her son's death begging for change in city parks; Christian Negron, 19, managed to call 911 after he was assaulted in a park, but police were unable to quickly find the teen and he did not survive his injuries.

Officials announced plans Wednesday to install 40 emergency-call boxes in several Bronx parks. It will help police and medical personnel pinpoint where people are if they call for help.

The boxes are in Soundview Park, Concrete Plant Park, Starlight Park and Pugsley Creek Park. Officials say they've been placed in strategic locations.

Lisa Negron, who doesn't feel safe walking through parks after what happened to her son, hopes the added security can help others.

"Hopefully it provides safety and security for the community, particularly the teens who choose to walk through the park and this won’t happen to another family," she said.