More than 711 million email addresses leaked

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More than 711 million email addresses  have been leaked along with an unknown number of passwords in one of the biggest ever data breaches.

Email addresses can be entered here to see if they’ve been breached.

The breach, which appears to have originated in the Netherlands, was the largest set of data ever uploaded to Have I Been Pwned, a  site that allows people to enter see if their email address has been compromised.

“Just for a sense of scale, that’s almost one address for every single man, woman and child in all of Europe,” Security researcher Troy Hunt wrote in a blog post.

Not every one of the millions of email addresses are valid, Hunt said. There are fake and repeated email addresses in the data.

Hunt’s own email address was in the list of breached addresses, he said.

“Our email addresses are a simple commodity that’s shared and traded with reckless abandon, used by unscrupulous parties to bombard us with everything from Viagra offers to promises of Nigerian prince wealth,” Hunt said. “That, unfortunately, is life on the web today.”

Type your address into this site to see if your email is on the list.

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