How one Staten Island woman is stepping up to help Harvey victims

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STATEN ISLAND — Heather Springer said she couldn't bear sitting in front of her TV any longer watching the devastation in Houston without doing something to help.

So she launched a one woman effort to gather some relief.

"I just had an image of filling two big trucks with necessities, so I went to Facebook to encourage people to donate clothing and other items," she told PIX 11 News.

"It all began with vision in my head and it's amazing what has transpired in one day so far."

Springer got an instant response to her appeal on Facebook, with her Staten Island neighbors knocking on her door delivering bags filled with items those displaced by the flooding desperately need — blankets, tissues, canned food — and her shed  is filled with food for animals.

Springer said she still has vivid memories of Super Storm Sandy and the emotions that consumed her as she helped those forced from their homes. She said if was a rewarding experience to be able to help others, even if they were complete strangers.

Springer is hopeful she will receive many more bags of relief by the weekend, enough she says to fill two big trucks to travel to Houston to deliver some relief to those devastated by the flood.