Protestors rally in Newark, call on Trump not to end DACA, other immigrant protections

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NEWARK, NJ — Immigrant advocacy groups fighting President Trump's threats to end a program with protects young undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children stood in the driving rain Tuesday.

They would let a steady rain deter them from delivering their message in Newark. Trump is considering ending DACA, which stands for deferred action for childhood arrivals, and TPS, temporary protective status for immigrants.

Nineteen-year-old Leslie Vila and her little sisters and brother are worried that their father will be sent back to Honduras if TPS ends.

"My mom is going to lose her partner and will all lose our father," Vila told PIX11. "We don't want that and that's why were standing here in the rain."

The Vice President of SEIU 32BJ also spoke at the rally.

"We're here to send a clear message to President Trump that we want DACA to stay," Kevin Brown, the union official told PIX11. "He's talking about ending it every day. It's very destructive to 800,000 young people making their lives in this country."
Senator Robert Menendez is supporting legislation that would prevent DACA from being discontinued by the president.

"It's an effort that is not necessary if the Trump administration keeps his word to the young so they don't have to worry that every knock on the door will be immigration taking them away,"  Menendez told PIX11.

Many affected by a possible DACA termination couldn't attend today's rally, like 34-year-Rosario Jimenez, who arrived in this country from Mexico 22 years ago.

She is a certified community health worker at LSA Family Health Services in East Harlem, married with two children. But now she's worried the life she's created here in the US could end.

"It would be a catastrophe," Jimenez told PIX11. "For me, it would put me back in the shadows, I would not be able to work."