All-clear given after report of armed person at Princeton University

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PRINCETON, N.J. — A shelter-in-place order at Prince University Tuesday was spurred when a security guard spotted a person with a handgun near the campus’ art museum, the school said.

The armed person turned out to be a police officer who was escorting a group of teens on an exchange program who were on a museum tour, the university said. The officer was wearing a badge but was not in uniform. His gun was inside a holster and was never removed.

In a tweet sent at 11:53 a.m., the university said they’d received a report of a person with a gun and ordered a shelter-in-place, telling those on campus to lock their doors and “remain inside for safety.” About 10 minutes later, the university gave the all-clear.

“There is no threat,” the tweet read. “Normal activities can resume.”

The university said the officer, who is cooperating with police who responded to the call, did not tell museum staff that he would be there Tuesday.

Classes have not yet resumed for the fall semester at the university, where some 5,200 undergraduate and 2,700 graduate students attend.  Students are set to begin the new school year on Sept. 13, with graduate students signing up for courses starting Friday.