Walmart employee’s act of kindness goes viral on Facebook

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EVANS, Ga. — A Walmart employee’s act of kindness toward an ill customer is inspiring others on social media.

A picture of Walmart manager Jason Lewis sitting next to an elderly woman as she regained orientation is going viral, receiving more than 600,000 likes and 80,000 comments in just two days.

Brittany McKee posted to Facebook on Thursday that an elderly woman fell to the ground while shopping at a Walmart in Georgia.

“The Walmart staff was amazing,” McKee posted on Facebook, alongside a photo. “They kept in contact with dispatch as we waited on the bus to arrive. Then there was Jason. I don’t know his last name, but this man, no questions asked got down on the floor with this woman and supported her back so she could lean against him.”

Lewis found out about the viral Facebook post later when his wife texted him and told him to check Facebook, according to WAGT.

“That’s how my parents do it. I just wanted to live a good life and that’s just one of the results of it — being able to render help when it’s actually needed,”  Lewis told WAGT.

Lewis said he hopes this will inspire people to do more for one another.

McKee told WGHP that she was told that the employee will be rewarded by Walmart for being an outstanding example.