‘Subway Therapy’ returns to transit system as riders send messages to Charlottesville

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MANHATTAN — New Yorkers and transit riders are sending messages via the subway walls.

"Subway Therapy" is an art installation that allows people to post their thoughts, wishes and hopes. It was started a few years ago by Matthew Chavez, who is also known as Levee. He says the messages need to be respectful.

He will be using social media to post plans for the current project, which began earlier this week in the passageway under 14th Street that connects the F, L and Nos. 1, 2 and3 lines.

After the presidential election of 2016, "Subway Therapy" posted "Express Yourself" in the corridor.

That installation grew over several weeks to include walls at the Union Square Station. Those notes were given to the New York Historical Society.

MTA crews monitor the project. In the early stages, Chavez removes the posts at the end the evening.