How to take command of your kids’ schedules this school year

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When you're juggling your family's busy schedule of soccer practice, music lessons, doctor appointments, play dates--well, it can be overwhelming. Organization is key.  One trend to keep an organized household is creating a command center.  Your command center would be the place everyone in the family can go to find out where they need to be and when they need be there.  It's also the go-to spot for items such as permission slips, directions, contact numbers.

Lifestyle expert and working mom Limor Suss knows all too well that disorganization can create chaos in any home.  Take a look at her tips on how to take control with a command center.

  1. Choose the space - whether its behind the fridge, on the side of the kitchen cabinet or in the mud room, make sure you choose a high traffic area where everyone can see and have access.
  1. Set up a wall calendar  I know, we're all digital, but part of the issue with having everything on the phone is that while we might know something is happening on the 21st, we might not realize when that is. When you write it down and see it, it take all that clutter out of your mind and onto paper.  Color Code it to everyone in the family.  You can use dry erase or chalk.  (Back to School Command Center Supplies, Staples)
  1. Use a pinboard.  Pin up important invitations, docs, etc.   (Custom Pinboard,
  2. You don't have to sacrifice style to be organized.   (Antique Zinc Wall Organization System, Pottery Barn, $39.50-$199)
  3. Set up  bins or totes for everyone. Things always pile up.  Make everyone their own "junk" bin that gets cleaned out at the end of the day/week.  You can also set up bins for sports gear.  (Organization Bins, HomeGoods)
  1. Set up a crafts/homework station - if you're always looking for scissors or tape, its time to put together a basket of all crafting and homework supplies, so you can spend less time searching and more time doing.
  2. Also, Labels, Labels & more Labels.  Labeling everything will help you stay organized.