Follow-up Friday: How Monica’s making it happen this week

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SUMNER HOUSES, Brooklyn — Mia Rodriguez lives in the Sumner Houses in Brooklyn and says she has a new baby and needs new floors.

"For a year, I have put in tickets. My three children live in room that I believe is toxic," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez has three children, 7-year-old Adonis, 5-year-old Liam, and three-month-old Gabriella.

She fears for their health.

"They walk around barefoot all the time now, and I'm worried about their little feet," said Rodriguez.

"All NYCHA residents deserve to live in a safe, clean home. We can and will do better to serve our community. Staff will replace missing floor tiles and will schedule a carpenter to fix her kitchen cabinets as soon as possible," A spokesperson for the New York City Housing Authority said.

NYCHA started repairs.

Staten Island grandma needs plumber for stinky situation

Wayne Johnson from Staten Island says his mom, Cheryl Johnson, a home health aide for people with special needs, needs help herself.

"She's always helping others, so selfless, and now she needs help with her housing problems," Johnson said about his mom.

Johnson says raw sewage comes up into her Delafield Avenue apartment.

"She is most concerned about the health of one-year-old grandson, Ezekiel, living here," said Johnson.

PIX11 reached out to management of the property, and a spokesperson said, "...the health and safety of the tenants is paramount, and we are working expeditiously to remedy any issues."

Management sent a plumber just days after our story.

Bees are taking over the side of a Bronx building

Diana Garcia lives on the fifth floor of her Bronx building on Sedgwick Avenue and says there are hundreds of bees inside the walls of her building.

"I live in fear I'm scared to die from bees biting me. I tell management, and they do nothing about it," said Garcia.

She says the situation is so bad it's like living in a scary movie. She says dozens of bees have infiltrated her home through her air conditioning unit.

PIX11 News immediately sent Garcia's pictures to retired NYPD detective and bee expert, Anthony Planakis.

"If you can look at the air conditioning, and if you see gaps, seal those up right away," Planakis said. "These bees have no reason to come into your home."

The process has begun to get rid of the bees. A special thanks to management and the bee shepard for your hard work saving the bees and Diana's apartment!

Ugly Staten Island house plagues neighbors; families say house is a magnet for raccoons, rodents

Robert Croke from Staten Island says one home on his street on Hillman Avenue has become a magnet for trash and rodents.

"Our neighbor's house here is filled with rodents, weeds, broken glass and graffiti for years now," said Andy Scalera, a retired firefighter and neighbor.

Scalera says his granddaughter had a close call with a raccoon.

"Last week my six-year-old granddaughter was in my pool and a raccoon ran across my yard," Scalera said. "Now, I'm really getting concerned."

A special thanks to Sen. Marty Golden, Community Board Two's District Manager Debra Derrico, and community activist Robert Croke for making it happen.

Basketball courts, park remain closed as Upper West Side families fight city for repairs
Carmen Quinones, the President of the Douglass Houses Tenant Association says two basketball courts and a park are closed now for weeks, while kids have to find other places to play this summer.

"This is killing me,"  Quinones said. "My kids have no where to go, and I'm tired."

Quinones says she fought for years for these courts to be repaved and won.

NYCHA repaved the basketball courts.

"Now, weeks later, the courts are still closed. NYCHA needs paint and backboards. The City should finish the project. They tell us they don't have the money," said Quinones.

There is a family day and a basketball tournament called "Put the Guns Down" scheduled for Aug. 26, and Quinones worries the courts won't be finished by them.

PIX11 News reached out to the New York City Housing Authority for answers.

"NYCHA believes strongly in providing safe, clean and quality public spaces for residents, especially our youth. We are in the process of repairing the basketball court by the end of next week,” an NYCHA spokesperson said.

Crews were seen painting the courts on Friday.

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