Find women-friendly bar hidden away in unassuming Manhattan art gallery

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LOWER EAST SIDE, Manhattan — Tucked away along Chrystie Street on the Lower East Side sits an unassuming art gallery called The Lodge.

Yes, from the outside, it may appear to be like any of the hundreds of galleries that sprinkle the streets of New York.

On the inside, it is however, an eclectic space with artwork inspired by New York Artists.

"We wanted to create a space that was a cultural hub in the neighborhood," explains owner and curator Jason Patrick Voegele.

On display this month, a man who defines PIX11's slogan of "New York's Very Own." John Wellington grew up in New York and is proud to now have his artwork inside the Lodge Gallery.

"This reminds me of the s surprises of when I was a kid growing up in New York," recalls Wellington. "You didn't know what would happen next."

And that is the idea with this gallery - the unknown.

Along the back wall sits an unmarked door that many confuse for the bathroom.

"It's the secret behind the Lodge Gallery Door," says Voegele.

Through the door, you are transported to Figure 19, a speakeasy-style bar that opened in 2010 behind the gallery.

"I love to have a feminine touch to everything I design," says owner Kristin Vincent.

Vincent says so many bars throughout New York are too masculine, so this was designed differently. The drinks crafted to be more about the taste than simply the after effects.

"People started to discover that they like the taste of alcohol and how it was made, instead of just getting drunk," says Vincent.

Besides the look and ever-changing menu of drinks, Fig 19 has something else that very few bars in New York have... Prossecco on tap!

"You can add lavender and lemongrass and that is the ladies favorite," says Vincent.

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