Empty NJ Transit train derails near Penn Station

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MANHATTAN — An empty NJ Transit work train derailed near Penn Station Wednesday morning, temporarily causing delays up to 20 minutes for some commuters, officials said.

Officials shield off a platform at Penn Station after an NJ Transit train derailed on Aug. 23, 2017. (PIX11)

The train derailed near Penn Station at Eighth Avenue and West 31rd Street, FDNY officials confirmed shortly before 5:30 a.m.

No one was injured in the incident, NYPD officials said.

The train was being operated by an Amtrak crew when the engine derailed around 4:25 a.m., according to NJ Transit officials. The train has since been rerailed.

The derailment occurred on Track 4, and is blocking Tracks 1 – 5.

Service in and out of Penn Station faced delays up to 20 minutes until about 6:30 a.m.

The derailment comes amid the “summer of hell,” a term first used by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to describe what commuters may face as Amtrak track repairs at Penn Station were underway.

While the “summer of hell” has thus far proved less hellish than anticipated, it has been a tumultuous year for commuters overall.

Later Wednesday morning, at least 11 subway lines also faced delays after a slew of incidents jammed the nation’s largest transit system.

Subways are in need of repairs and have seen growing delays, mechanical failures, power outages and even derailments. Seemingly small issues, such as track fires, often wreak havoc on the commute for hours.

Part of the problem NYC subways face is continued squabbling between the governor and Mayor Bill de Blasio over responsibility for paying for repairs.

Earlier this month, de Blasio said the wealthiest 1 percent should be taxed to fund improvements to the beleaguered subway system. Cuomo has offered to split the cost with the city, but the mayor has so far refused.