First span of Tappan Zee – soon to be Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge – opens Friday

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TARRYTOWN, NY — It's the country's largest ongoing infrastructure project, according to Governor Andrew Cuomo. The $4 billion new Tappan Zee Bridge is on time, under budget and named for the governor's father, the late Governor Mario Cuomo.

"It's the perfect tribute to my father, a 12-year governor," Gov. Cuomo said. "He believed government can be a vehicle to do good things."

The first Span of the new Tappan Zee Brudge opens August 25th to westbound and northbound traffic heading into Rockland County. The new bridge used a "design build" technique where a single entity handled both design and construction and large sections of the span were prefabricated upstate.

"The tower of 419 feet high", Rick Cotton, executive director of the Port Authority, said on the tour. "What they are doing now is putting the last section in the second span."

The Governor said the success of getting this new Tappan Zee Bridge project off the ground should serve as a lesson on how to fix the city's crumbling and troubled subway system.

"This could serve as a metaphor," the governor said. "The subway is the old Tappan Zee Bridge. We knew the old Tappan Zee was deteriorating and dangerous and we did nothing for over 20 years. The subway system, we did nothing."