Dog that went missing after Tinder date in NJ reunited with owner

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LEONIA, N.J.  — A New Jersey teen's Tinder date took a terrible turn after a dog  she was watching went missing, but thanks to some police work, the adorable pup has been reunited with her owners.

Maggie, a 2-year-old Maltese, went missing on Sunday night. She was being watched by an 18-year-old house and dog sitting. The teen set up a Tinder date and invited a man to the Leonia home she was staying in.

When he arrived for the rendezvous, there was a second man with him. Both men eventually left and the teen quickly noticed Maggie, a laptop and an Amazon package had disappeared after the pair's visit.

She quickly called 911 and police sent out pictures of Maggie. The dog was found Monday night in Garfield, a town about 20 minutes away.

Maggie was brought to a shelter and her photo was posted on a Facebook page for lost-and-found pets. She and her owner were reunited Tuesday.


The men from Tinder are still being investigated, police said. No arrests have been made.