11-year-old girl reunited with man who saved her from vicious dog attack

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Jaelyn Rodriguez was reunited with man who saved her from dog attack earlier this summer.

YONKERS, NY — An 11-year-old girl who was attacked by two large dogs in June was reunited with the man who saved her life.

Jaelyn Rodriguez was waiting for her school bus  just after 7 a.m. on June 22 when two large Bull Mastiff-type dogs attacked her. Jose Jimenez, who was driving home from work, saw Rodriguez being attacked and intervened. He got out of his car and used  a garbage can to fight the dogs off.

“I saw two big dogs jumping on a girl. I thought they were playing,” Jimenez said. “[When I got closer] I saw those dogs  biting the girl so that’s when I took the decision to do something.”

After the dogs released Rodriguez, Jimenez drove her to a nearby hospital where she was treated for bite and puncture wounds.

“You’re only a hero if you’re willing to risk your life to save the life of another person,” said Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. “Jose did that without any regard to his own self-preservation.”

On Wednesday, Rodriguez was reunited with her hero  at Yonkers City Hall.  Mayor Spano also presented  Jimenez with the City of Yonkers 2017 Good Samaritan Award.

The dogs were not on leashes and no owner was present when police arrived at the corner of Ashburton Avenue and Yonkers Avenue, officials said. Officers described the dogs as aggressive and violent.