Two dozen puppies rescued from sweltering van behind New Jersey Walmart

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TETERBORO, N.J. — More than two dozen puppies found in a sweltering hot van behind a Walmart in Garfield, N.J. are being held in quarantine at the Bergen County Animal Shelter.

Charges against the suspects found with the dogs are pending.

“They’re in isolation because they were unvaccinated," said Deborah Yankow, Director of Bergen County Animal Services.

Yankow responded to the scene on Saturday afternoon at around 3 p.m.

“They were crammed into two medium sized dog crates, so they were literally on top of each other," said Yankow.

All 26 puppies are french or english bulldogs, ages 6-9 weeks old.

Yankow said someone saw them shoved in the back of the van in 90 degree weather and called the Bergen County S.P.C.A.

“They were extremely thirsty," said Yankow. "The first thing they did was drink bowls and bowls of water.”

She said papers in the van showed the puppies flown into John F. Kennedy Airport from Colombia. The alleged plan was to drive them to Florida and sell them.

“People should know when they see something like this going on that they need to call the SPCA and report it," she said. "So these animals can be rescued and be saved."

The puppies are not ready for adoption just yet. They will remain in health quarantine for three weeks to ensure they have no issues. They will also need to be vaccinated, neutered or spayed.

The SPCA case must also be resolved before custody of the puppies can officially be turned over to the Bergen County Animal Shelter for adoption.

Anyone interested in adopting can fill out an application at the shelter.