Woman, 99, forced from her Bronx home after arsonist sets fire nearby

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THE BRONX — A 99-year-old woman was forced from her bed just after midnight Friday after an arsonist lit her bushes on fire on Blackrock Avenue in the Bronx.

"I want to live and die in peace and you can't do it with people invading your privacy, burning down your flowers outside," Georgia Yelverton said Friday afternoon from her living room.

Yelverton has lived on Blackrock Avenue in Castle Hill since the early 1980s and said she had been left alone until now.

She said, "We don't fight over here. We don't argue. We don't have nothing going on. Everybody in this house goes to work and comes home at 5 or 6'clock in the evening, gets their dinner and goes to bed."

Just after midnight, eyewitness Johnny Bolorin saw a man pull up in a red sedan.

"I saw a gentlemen pouring a gas container here on this floor and I just sat there and I watched what he was doing. So, once I see the house go up in flames, I ran across the street and called 911 and started banging on the door to get everyone out," Bolorin said.

According to police sources, it looks as though Yelverton was the innocent victim of her next door neighbor's ongoing dispute. The arsonist got the wrong address. There are bullet holes in the next door neighbor's front gate as well.

Bolorin, who lives down the street, saw the gunfire a few weeks ago.

"There was a shoot out before. It was the same situation. As you can see, there is a bullet hole right there and I see somebody shoot and I was actually going to the store and he ran right down this block."

As of Friday afternoon, police had not released a description of the arsonist.

Bolorin said the man's red sedan did not have license plates and he was wearing a grey hoodie.

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