Subway Series divides friends, family every year Mets, Yankees play

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QUEENS — Throughout the parking lot at Citi Field on a Thursday night, there was nothing but cheers.

Albeit, a majority of them were divided.

No matter the age, the sight of a city with its residents showcasing opposing viewpoints was everywhere.

For Mets fans the three losses to the Yankees to open up the Subway Series has made for a very long week, some like Peter Ferrari were already looking ahead, "It's a long season, but it's going to be a better 2018."

However, the division we saw in the parking lot before the game is not only between friends, but also family.  Siblings Lenny and Danielle Mormino are three years a part by blood, by only separated by one borough for their passion of the diamond, "I followed in my grandfather's footsteps," said Danielle.

Then there was George Kitsios, a Yankees fan who prefers watching the Bronx Bombers in Queens, "I think it's a much friendlier stadium than Yankee Stadium, I'll admit that."

Imagine if Legendary Yanks skipper Billy Martin would have heard those words out of George's mouth?

Kitsios does have a slight point, Citi is special for so many especially for Joe, his son Dylan and his nephew who coincidentally had no division on display as all were on the same page, "No division here?  It wouldn't happen in our house. all the way Mets."

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