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Severe storms threaten flooding, damaging winds in parts of NYC, NJ

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NEW YORK — Hazardous weather, including a chance of severe storms, damaging winds and flooding, is expected in parts of NYC and New Jersey Friday.

Heavy downpours could hit the five boroughs and parts of New Jersey throughout the day. Rain is likely to occur on-and-off, with a brief break expected around lunch time.

Highs will reach 82 degrees, but humidity will make it feel much warmer.

A flood advisory is in place for parts of the Bronx, Queens, upstate New York, as well as New Jersey's Hudson, Bergen, Essex and Westchester counties.

About 1 inch per hour could fall in those areas, with excessive runoff threatening to flood urban areas, highways, streets and underpasses, according to the National Weather Service.

A hazardous weather outlook extends through much of the remainder of the city and New Jersey warns of severe storms and potentially damaging winds.

Rain could linger into Saturday, but the wet weather and humidity should be leave the area by Sunday, when clear skies are expected.

Highs Saturday are forecast to hit 86, and 84 in the city Sunday.

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