Online coder who ducked Howard wants to go to court

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We have a couple of updates for you.

Remember that character Micah Brown? He was supposed to code a gaming app for Jeff Tome of Manhattan. Micah got $12,000, didn’t do the job, and didn’t give the money back. Jeff got a judgment against him for more than $13,000. And, of course, Micah didn’t pay.

So I went looking for him.

Micah portrays himself as a Renaissance man of sorts, running a sophisticated artificial intelligence marketing company. But we heard he was living at his mother’s house in Selden, Long Island. No luck finding him there, and he ducked me at a couple of seminars he supposedly was giving in Manhattan.

He did leave me a voice message saying he would start paying Jeff in 30 days. But that never happened.

He still hasn’t paid back Jeff. But get this: Now he’s suing Jeff for alleged causes of action ranging from trespass to libel to something he calls “reputation assassination.” We live in a country where anyone can sue for almost anything. But it seems there’s a judge who  should have no problem throwing out this case.

And back in June, I told you about Pastor Robert David Keith. He landed a job as a bookkeeper at a South Plainfield, NJ plumbing company. The religious man is accused of misusing credit cards and taking more than $700,000.

Keith turned down a plea offer, and the talkative pastor stayed mum when we pressed him for some answers in the hallway of the Middlesex County courthouse.

Apparently, prosecutors are reviewing some new evidence because Pastor Keith hasn’t been indicted yet. But he is still preaching at the New Ebenezer Baptist Church in Newark. We still don’t know if he ever told his new congregation about the fact he did time in Arkansas for taking advantage of a church there.

We’re going to stay with these stories and keep you posted.

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