Young couple looking for apartment says Long Island hustler swindled them out of thousands

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FARMINGDALE, NY — Unfortunately, Natalia Herrera and her husband hadn’t seen the two PIX11 reports we’ve  done  on Long Island hustler Gus Sousouris.  Early this year, the young couple answered a Craigslist ad for an apartment for rent in Farmingdale, Long Island. It was a basement apartment in a home owned by Sousouris.  They signed a lease and gave him $3,300 for a security deposit and the first month’s rent.

“I guess I was really naïve”, Natalia told me with tears in her eyes.

She says Sousouris strung them along for weeks, repeatedly postponing the move in date.  “When I said ‘listen I just want my money back’, he said ‘well I used that money to fix the apartment.' I said let me go see it and he didn’t want to show me the apartment. I definitely think it was just a ploy for him to get the money."

Sousouris later agreed to return the couples’ money and gave them a check . Before depositing it, Natalia contacted his bank and was told he didn’t have enough money in his account to cover the check.

She then sued Sousoris in Nassau County District Court . He didn’t bother to show up and Natalia was awarded a judgment for $3,400.  That was  five months ago. He hasn’t paid her a penny. So she reached out to PIX11’s What a Shame after seeing one of our previous reports on Sousoris.

In May 2017, we confronted him at his business, DPA Autos in West Islip, Long Island. He had taken  $5,600 from Susan Bohlman for  a car that was supposed to be delivered from an auto wholesaler in Kentucky. She  never got the car and asked for a refund.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds available to give it back," Bohlman says he told her. "I asked 'What did you do with the money?' He answered,  'I gave it to the wholesaler.'"

Fortunately, after  What a Shame got involved, Sousoris gave  Susan a complete refund.

We also reported that Sousouris was charged with Grand Larceny last year in Nassau County. He allegedly took almost $6,000 from a couple for kitchen renovations he never did.

“You were arrested for posing as a home improvement contractor," I said.

“Ok, and?” he asked.

“So you were scamming people," I continued.

Sousouris said  “I was not scamming people. The people got their money back.”

The charges were dropped  after he returned the money.

A contractor, a car salesman, and a landlord: no matter what his business, Sousouris  has allegedly cheated customers. After Natalia Herrera contacted us about the Farmingdale apartment, we went back to DPA Autos to confront Gus, but he jumped in his car and drove away.  He later texted me saying he will pay the court judgment.

“I am mailing her a money order today or tomorrow," he wrote.

That was a month ago. Natalia is still waiting.

“It’s really sad to know that the money you worked hard for is gone," she said.

We’ll keep trying to help get her money back. If you’ve got a story for me, send an email to or contact me on Facebook or Twitter.

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