Transportation Department blocks rollout of Spin dockless bikes in Rockways

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ROCKAWAY PARK, Queens— Rockaway peninsula is prime cycling territory, the 5.5 mile boardwalk provides a scenic way to zip around.

For those without bikes, residents and tourists alike, there are few on demand bike services​.

"Unfortunately, five years after Hurricane Sandy, Citibike is still not in the Rockaways, they're still not in many parts of the city," said City Councilmember Eric Ulrich (R-Queens).

​Spin, a dockless bike sharing system, has a self locking feature to deter theft and is unlocked via an accompanying mobile app.

Spin planned to launch a pilot program Monday, but the Department of Transportation sent them a cease and desist letter.

"[DOT] will actively enforce all laws and its police powers, including but not limited to those that protect its rights of way and ensure the safety and service provided by the City’s rights of way," the Transportation Department said in a statement.

"Of course our illustrious mayor decided once again, that he is going to side with the special interests and he's interested in protecting a public monopoly like Citibike as opposed to expanding sensible bike sharing," said Ulrich.

"We're trying to encourage people to bring their bikes to the bay, not drive, which, as everyone has already mentioned, there's nowhere to park," said Rick Horan, who runs a non-profit that advocates for cycling in the Peninsula.

"This can’t be the wild west, with ad hoc installations that haven’t received city approval," said a DOT spokesperson.

Citibike was also sent a cease and desist letter. The company had planned demos in Staten Island,  but the borough is not listed in it's contracts with the city.