It’s all the buzz: Bees are taking over the side of a Bronx building

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THE BRONX — Diana Garcia lives on the fifth floor of her building on Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx and says inside the walls, hundreds of bees have moved in.

"I live in fear. I'm scared to die from bees biting me. I tell management and they do nothing about it," Garcia said.

She says the situation is so bad it's like living in a scary movie. She says dozens of bees have infiltrated her home through her air conditioning unit.

PIX11 News immediately sent Garcia's pictures to retired NYPD detective and bee expert Anthony Planakis.

"If you can look at the air conditioning and if you see gaps, seal those up right away. These bees have no reason to come into your home," Planakis said.

A building manager promises the process has begun to get rid of the bees.

PIX11 News will stay on the story.

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