Follow that bus! Woman enlists taxi driver to track down Brooklyn bus with her forgotten purse

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BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn — It doesn't just happen in movies - a woman hopped in a cab Wednesday and asked her taxi driver to follow a bus.

Stephanie Seiler had forgotten her purse on a B26 bus. After a brief moment of panic, Seiler used the Curb app to call a taxi and asked the driver to help her catch the bus.

(Courtesy Stephanie S

She and her taxi driver used the MTA bustime site to follow the B26 as it drove through the streets of Brooklyn, Seiler said. There was a third app in play by the taxi driver: Waze.

"He checked Waze for the fastest route to the end of the bus line and assured me we'd catch it as they'd hit traffic and get slowed down," Seiler wrote on Facebook. "He was right."

Seiler found the B26 driver parked at Cadman Plaza and Tillary Street on a break with another bus driver.

"One driver, a lovely, fun man, had my purse safe and sound at his seat," she said. "A passenger found it and turned it in."

Everything was in her purse, safe and untouched.

"I asked if I could hug him and he allowed it. The other bus driver snapped some pics," Seiler said. "People are awesome."

This isn't the first time Seiler has lost a bag on public transportation. A few years ago, she left a purse on a local train. She says she jumped on an express until she caught up with the local. Seiler transferred back to the local and walked through the train cars until she found her bag.

She also left her purse on a bus on another occasion. That day she really needed to find it - her passport was inside and Seiler was heading to Costa Rica that day.

Siler went to the dispatcher who radioed the bus. She managed to get her bag back at the end of the route.

"I think it proves that, in general, people are kind and good," she said about her experiences with lost bags. "It's the norm."