From Trump to Putin to Colin Kaepernick, a Brooklyn artist is taking a stand

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Editor’s note: The image at the bottom of this article contains adult-themed content.

Brooklyn artist Jeff Rothberg created a poster, below, making a statement about three world leaders: Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin.

Rothberg’s piece on Colin Kaepernick has garnered the artist much attention and has become symbol of sorts of solidarity for the estranged NFL player.

Last season, the quarterback made a stand by not standing during the National Anthem and it has cost him his career. The professional athlete is no longer on a team and is currently a free agent.

On Aug. 23, Rothberg along with director Spike Lee and other New Yorkers in support of Kaepernick will participate in a rally at NFL headquarters in New York City to pressure the company to support the football player’s stance against racism and police brutality. The NFL has already taken a strong stance against domestic violence.

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(Jeff Rothberg)

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